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We work with a range of businesses, from brands with hundreds of products to startups with just a single product.

Whether you’re already selling on Amazon or you are completely new to it – we can help you to create the perfect Amazon product listings so you maximise your sales. Here are some of our clients’ recent successes. If you would like to know how we can help your brand, contact us today.  

From launching on Amazon to $22k sales a month

A well known pet company in Australia made the decision to start selling on at the beginning of 2019 after seeing that their competitors were doing thousands of dollars worth of sales on Amazon. They also wanted to build their brand outside of Australia.


In July 2019, we began working with them to create their listings. This involved:

The result: Monthly sales of $22k + increased brand recognition outside Australia

Increased Amazon sales

How optimising listings increased sales by 360%

A premium nutrition brand began selling on Amazon at the beginning of 2019 and, while they made some progress in the first few months, they quickly realised they needed to improve their listings to make more sales.


In September 2019, we began working with them to optimise their listings. This involved:

The result: Monthly sales increased by 360% (from $3000 in September to $14,000 in January 2020)

Optimised product listing

How A+ / EBC Content boosted conversion by nearly 10%

We created an EBC listing for a wall decor product by homeware brand Allegorie. We were tasked with creating a listing which reflected Allegorie’s modern, bohemian brand and which used the right keywords to drive traffic to the listing.

The result: Product conversion increased from 29% to 37% in the first week after the listing went live.

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